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Sexual Health

Price: £39.95
Age Range: KS4

Give your students what they say they want to know. This pack pulls no punches and addresses all the physical and emotional aspects of sexual health which concern young people. Topics take the form of one-hour active lessons suitable for all abilities.

Topics include: HIV and Aids; High risk behaviour; Safe sex and information sources; Resisting unwanted pressure; Emotional and moral aspects of relationships; Actions and consequences; Managing risk and making safe choices; When and how to compromise; Negotiation skills; Family pressures; Puberty; Emotions associated with changing family situations.

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Size: 63 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 496 3
Author(s): Karen Birchenall
Code: SEHE
Popularity rank: 127
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Contents List


  • 7 TYPES OF RELATIONSHIP Students explore different types of relationship.
  • 9 POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIPS Students will appreciate what 'good' relationships are, and why they are important.
  • 11 CHANGES Students gain an understanding of the physical changes a person goes through during puberty.
  • 13 TEENAGERS! Students explore what it means to be a teenager.
  • 15 THE FIRST TIME... Students evaluate some of the facts - and myths - about having sex for the first time.
  • 17 UNWANTED PRESSURE Students learn how to cope when put under pressure to do things they feel uncomfortable about.
  • 19 MY SPACE Students understand the nature of personal space and the implications of letting other people into that space.
  • 21 MYTHS AND FACTS Students establish the difference between myths, facts and opinions, and where to look for reliable facts.
  • 23 WHERE DO I GO FOR ADVICE? Students find out where they can get reliable information in their local area.
  • 25 CONTRACEPTION Students evaluate the different types of contraception available.
  • 27 THE CONDOM Students find out more about condoms, and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • 29 SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS Students find out more about sexually transmitted infections, and how to reduce risks.
  • 31 HIV AND AIDS Students explore issues surrounding HIV and AIDS.
  • 33 KELLY'S STORY Students explore the problems and responsibilities of being HIV positive.
  • 35 TEENAGE PREGNANCY Students explore some of the issues which pregnant teenagers have to face.
  • 37 PREGNANCY - THE HAZARDS Students learn about some of the hazards associated with pregnancy, and ways to avoid them.
  • 39 PARENTING Students investigate some of the highs and lows of being a parent.
  • 41 PRESSURES OF FAMILY LIFE Students understand some of the pressures which can affect families.
  • 43 A NEW NURSERY Students discover the real cost of having a baby.
  • 45 PARTY TIME Students learn to make informed decisions about drink and sex.
  • 47 IT'S WHAT YOU DO, NOT WHAT YOU SAY Students learn about non-verbal communication and its implications for the safety of young people.
  • 49 PROBLEM PAGE: SEX Students help solve relationship problems by giving thoughtful and practical advice.
  • 51 PROBLEM PAGE: FAMILY Students help to resolve family problems by giving thoughtful, practical advice.
  • 53 IF DEATH WAS... Students explore some issues concerning death.
  • 55 EMOTIONS AND FUNERALS Students explore the range of emotions felt at funerals.
  • 57 DIVORCE Students understand the impact divorce can have on children.
  • 59 STEP FAMILIES Students find out about step families and the tensions they may have.
  • 61 MY IDEAL PARTNER Students consider what they would look for in an ideal partner.
  • 62 APPENDIX 1: PREGNANCY - SOME HAZARDS For use with page 37.
  • 63 APPENDIX 2: WHERE TO FIND HELP For general use.



It is well planned and the ideas are very well suited for young people
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