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Sex Education

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Age Range: KS3 KS4

Help your KS3 and KS4 students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make considered decisions regarding sexual behaviour through adolescence and beyond. Resources cover all the latest DfES Sex Education requirements. Students explore their feelings, discuss moral, legal, cultural and ethical issues, and develop assertiveness and decision-making skills. Includes resources suitable for both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Sex education worksheets and lesson plans cover: Self-image; Puberty; Families and relationships; Definitions of sexuality; The ageing process; Types of contraception; Myths about sex and pregnancy; Attitudes to AIDS and HIV.

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Size: 119 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 172 6
Author(s): Roger Morgan
Code: SEED
Popularity rank: 52
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Contents List



  • 7 BOY TO MAN (KS3) Male changes at puberty.
  • 9 GIRL TO WOMAN (KS3) Female changes at puberty.
  • 11 ONCE A MONTH (KS3) Menstruation.
  • 13 IN MY DREAMS (KS3) Nocturnal emissions.
  • 15 KEEPING CLEAN (KS3) Hygiene.
  • 17 AN EVERYDAY MIRACLE (KS3) Giving birth.
  • 19 DON'T CROWD ME (KS3) Personal space.
  • 21 MOVING FORWARD (KS3) Changing relationships.
  • 23 A FINE OLD AGE (KS4) The ageing process.
  • 25 INFERTILITY (KS4) The morality of fertility treatments.
  • 27 ALL CHANGE (KS4) Becoming an adult.
  • 29 THAT'S CHEMISTRY! (KS4) Sexual attraction.
  • 31 IN FULL BLOOM (KS4) Being pregnant.
  • 33 NOTHING STAYS THE SAME (KS4) Coping with life changes.


  • 35 GIRL POWER/BOY POWER (KS3) Coping with life changes.
  • 37 HANDS OFF! (KS3) 'Safe' and 'unsafe' touches.
  • 39 'NO' MEANS 'NO'! (KS3) Developing assertiveness.
  • 41 WHAT DOES IT MEAN? (KS4) Definitions of different sexualities.
  • 43 THE RIGHT REASONS (KS3) Why people have sex.
  • 45 MUST HAVE... (KS3) Influences on our image.
  • 47 SAFE, NOT SORRY (KS3) Avoiding unsafe situations.
  • 49 TEENS IN BETWEEN (KS4) Being a teenager.
  • 51 KEEPING AN EYE (KS4) Cancer screening for women.
  • 53 IN MY DAY (KS4) Gender roles.
  • 55 VITAL CHECKS (KS4) Cancer self-checks for men.
  • 57 SAFER SEX (KS4) Reducing risks from sex.
  • 59 WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? (KS4) Semi-naked images in the media.
  • 61 DOUBLE STANDARDS (KS4) Dual standards that exist in society.


  • 63 WHAT'S A FAMILY? (KS3) Different family types.
  • 65 FAMILY MATTERS (KS3) Roles and responsibilities of families.
  • 67 AN ORDINARY BOY (KS3) The life of a disabled teenager.
  • 69 PARENT POWER (KS3) Rights and responsibilities of parents.
  • 71 CONTRACEPTION (KS3) Different types of contraception.
  • 73 SMALL BEGINNINGS (KS3) Conception.
  • 75 LOOKING AHEAD (KS3) The menopause.
  • 77 HOUSEHUSBAND (KS4) Changing gender roles in our society.
  • 79 FAMILY PLANNING (KS4) Choosing to have children.
  • 81 PARENTS AND TEENAGERS (KS4) Relationships within families.
  • 83 THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT (KS4) Religious views on family life.
  • 85 NO TRUTH IN IT (KS4) Myths about sex and pregnancy.
  • 87 A DIFFICULT DECISION (KS4) Abortion.
  • 89 THE CHOSEN ONE (KS4) Adoption.


  • 91 HELP AND HINDRANCE (KS3) Getting help.
  • 93 BEING FRIENDS (KS3) Friendship.
  • 95 WHY ME? (KS3) Child abuse.
  • 97 BEING AWARE (KS4) Attitudes to AIDS and HIV.
  • 99 STIs (KS4) Facts and advice.
  • 101 I NEVER IMAGINED... (KS3) Decisions and consequences.
  • 103 GIVE AND TAKE (KS3) Relationships of couples.
  • 105 SEX AND THE LAW (1) (KS4) The law for heterosexuals.
  • 107 SEX AND THE LAW (2) (KS4) The law for homosexuals.
  • 109 FATAL ATTRACTION (KS4) When admiration becomes obsession.
  • 111 SEXUAL HARASSMENT (KS4) Dealing with it.
  • 113 TAKING ADVANTAGE (KS4) Sexual exploitation of young people by adults.
  • 115 RAPE (KS4) Emotional repercussions and reducing the risk of attacks.
  • 117 WHAT YOU SEE... (KS4) Sexuality and image.
  • 118 Student record sheet
  • 119 Teacher check-list



Very useful information set at pupil's level.
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