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Becoming Responsible Citizens: Healthy Eating

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Age Range: KS3 KS4

Students learn the importance of healthy eating and the effect of eating habits on later life. Activities encourage use of health education materials, have a multi-ethnic approach and emphasise the social importance of food. (Updated from: A Whole School Approach to Healthy Eating)

Topics include: Physical effects of poor food; Planning meals; Improving the canteen; Food from abroad; Diets; Allergies.

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Size: 65 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 473 4
Code: BRHE
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Contents List


  • 7 WHAT - NO MEAT? - parental involvement, plus advantages and disadvantages of vegetarian and meat-eating diets
  • 9 YOU WILL BUY - the influence of advertising on the products we eat. Involves homework watching TV ads
  • 11 OPEN THE BOX - exploring the worth of pre-packed 'ready meals'. Parental involvement in homework
  • 13 HAVE A HEART - the role of fat in heart disease. Involves ICT plus parental input
  • 15 GOING INTO PRINT - raising awareness of healthy eating by collating a recipe book of healthy meals. 4-10 week project
  • 17 TRAFFIC LIGHTS - nutritional balance, and improving eating habits. Family input
  • 19 CRASH DIETS - explores the issue of losing weight safely. Homework with family input
  • 21 WHAT'S IN HERE? - producing guidelines for healthy eating
  • 23 A GOOD QUESTION - the dietary requirements of particular groups, with reference to deficiency diseases. Involves use of ICT and filling in questionnaires at home
  • 25 PRECIOUS MINERALS - the importance of iron and calcium. Homework input
  • 27 THE WHOLE TOOTH - the effects of food and drink on teeth. Involves primary school links
  • 29 JOIN THE QUEUE - designing a healthy meal for the school canteen Introduction to a larger project
  • 31 JUST JUNK - the nutritional quality of junk food. Uses information from fast food outlets
  • 33 SNACK ATTACK - monitoring snacks eaten to raise awareness of healthy eating. Homework plus parental involvement
  • 35 BREAKFAST - importance of a good breakfast
  • 37 GLOBE TROTTER - looking at foods from around the world. Project possibilities with PTA support
  • 39 FIT TO WIN - healthy eating as an important aspect of fitness. Could involve a sports personality as speaker
  • 41 FOOD AND SCIENCE - exploring the issue of genetically modified food. Involves local shops and supermarkets
  • 43 AND THE WINNER IS... - inventing a new healthy food product. Useful for school fair or for fundraising. Project could span a few lessons
  • 45 YOU JUDGE - establishing criteria for judging a healthy food product. PTA activity linked to the above
  • 47 WHAT IS THAT? - raising awareness of the range of fruits and vegetables. Homework with parental input
  • 49 SOGGY CABBAGE - the importance of cooking methods for vegetables
  • 51 SORRY, I CAN'T EAT THAT - raising awareness of special dietary needs
  • 53 ADDED VALUE? - additives and their functions
  • 55 KIDS LOVE IT - marketing techniques, and the value of some products targeted at children. Lesson involving a tasting session
  • 57 OUTBREAK - the importance of good hygiene and healthy and safety procedures
  • 59 SMALL CHANGE - small changes in diet to improve healthiness
  • 61 VERY CONVENIENT - using convenience foods to help in providing a balanced and varied diet


  • 62 Healthy cake competition
  • 63 Sorry, I can't eat that - support grid



this resources has not been really up dated since I started downloading examples, lots of the resources are very old, they used to be very good years a go.
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