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Planning and Evaluating in PE at KS3

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Age Range: KS3

Develops students' skills, techniques and tactics through participation in a range of practical lessons. Each worksheet focuses on a particular skill or tactic and asks students to observe and analyse each other's performances before suggesting improvements. Designed for use with mixed classes, the pack is divided into three year modules, each including a designated assessment lesson.

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Size: 66 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 327 0
Author(s): J Harvey Purcer
Code: PEP3
Popularity rank: 287
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Contents List




  • 7 TWO-TOUCH SOCCER Students use observation and analysis skills to improve first touch control and passing in soccer.


  • 9 BALANCING ACT Students develop observation and analysis skills in order to build a sequence of balances and movements.


  • 11 UP, UP AND AWAY Students learn the rules of serving, and practise a long, high serve. They improve by analysing each other's performance.

Health And Fitness

  • 13 FINGER ON THE PULSE Students investigate the effects that rest and exercise have on heart rate.


  • 15 JUDGING THE PACE Students practise judging pace in the 1500m with the intention of reaching the 28-point AAAE standard of 7 minutes 45 seconds.


  • 17 CREATING SPACE Students learn how to create space and lose their marker in netball. They analyse players' games and practise coaching skills.


  • 19 CATCH IT! Students practise catching and throwing skills, changing from underarm to overarm.


  • 21 DRIBBLE AND CONTROL Students practise the skill of dribbling the ball, and coach each other to improve skills.


  • 23 CUNNING RUNNING Students learn the basics of orienteering by setting and running their own course.



  • 25 DROP IT! Students learn the basic points of a drop shot, and practise and improve drop shots.


  • 27 IMPROVING STRIKE RATE Students learn the correct technique for hitting a softball, and practise bowling, hitting, fielding and coaching.


  • 29 B.E.E.F. IT UP Using the B.E.E.F. technique, students improve their set shots and practise shooting.


  • 31 REVERSE STICK Students learn when and how to make a reverse stick pass and practise the skills learnt.

Shot Putt

  • 33 CHIN, KNEE, TOE Students use a mnemonic to learn correct technique for shot putt, and practise for improvement.

Health And Fitness

  • 35 SUPER-CIRCUIT Students learn the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise and attempt a circuit.


  • 37 SMOOTH SEQUENCE Students build a gymnastic sequence and improve it through peer coaching.


  • 39 VOLLEY IT Students learn the basics of volleyball and practise volleying and trapping the ball.


  • 41 ON YOUR MARKS, SET, GO Students practise, and coach each other to improve, the sprint start.



  • 43 SMASH HIT Observers coach players into improving their smashes. A practice drill and game puts learning into action.


  • 45 LAY IT ON ME Benches are used as guidelines to drill students into the correct approach and action for a lay-up shot.


  • 47 BOWLED FOR SIX Students revisit the laws appertaining to bowling, and practise bowling line and length.


  • 49 OPEN WIDE Highlights the importance of using width to penetrate and keep possession when attacking, and highlights the importance of defending in depth to counter width.


  • 51 LISTEN TO THE BEAT Students learn the importance of rhythm in the triple jump and coach each other for improvement.


  • 53 SWIVEL HIPS Working on the analysis of their performance, gymnasts improve a trampolining move.


  • 55 SIDE-STEP AND DUMMY Students practise dummy and side-step techniques and use peer observation for improvement.


  • 57 FRONT AND CENTRE Students improve their knowledge of the role of the centre in netball, and practise this role.


  • 59 SPIKE! From their knowledge of the terminology and techniques of volleyball, students improve the spike.

Health And Fitness

  • 61 BUILD A CIRCUIT Students devise their own circuit to exercise the major areas of the body, and check pulse rates to monitor improvement.


  • 62 COACHING CARDS Cards for use with various pages through the pack.
  • 63 YEAR 7 ORIENTEERING Control cards for use with page 23 (CUNNING RUNNING).
  • 64 CIRCUITS Circuit chart for use with page 61 (BUILD A CIRCUIT).
  • 65 PLANNING STATEMENTS Guidelines and criteria.
  • 66 EVALUATION STATEMENTS Guidelines and criteria.



Name and school withheld.

This is an excellent resource which I used in my capacity as VP and a person with little PE expertise. It included a two page overview of what good teaching and learning looks like in a practical PE session and in a classroom setting. Also helped with planning for absent PE teachers and non specialists. A4 page planning sheets for all the main PE sports / activities. Highly recomnended for PE teachers, heads of department and Senior staff.
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