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Cover Lessons in Drama

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

An essential resource for every Drama department, these KS3 drama cover lessons provide easily accessible material which requires no preparation and can be taught by non-specialists. Drama cover work includes lesson plans and worksheets that ensure your Key Stage 3 students always have access to appropriate, guided work.

Topics include: Developing a theme; Reviews; Storyboards; Rewrites; Description; Scripts.

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 262 4
Author(s): Amanda Pass
Code: CLID
Popularity rank: 46
Average Customer Review:  * * * * *  based on 3 reviews

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Contents List


  • 7 DANGER! BEWARE! Exploring health and safety issues in drama.
  • 9 GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS Lesson plan on using a letter as a stimulus.
  • 11 BAD HAIR DAY Resources for working from a visual starting point.
  • 13 FIRST IMPRESSIONS Developing characters based on people's appearances.
  • 15 A GOOD SELL Worksheet on creating and advertising a product.
  • 17 WHO IS RIGHT? Scripting for radio.
  • 19 UNDER PRESSURE Advertising hype and product performance.
  • 21 THE ARGUMENT A visual stimulus for scripting an argument.
  • 23 A KEY TO... Developing a board game from an island map.
  • 25 TEEN MAG Writing letters for an agony column.
  • 27 IT'S THE NEWS Writing a news script based on school life.
  • 29 ON TV Developing reviewing skills.
  • 31 THE LOAN A look at issues involved in lending and borrowing.
  • 33 LATE HOME AGAIN! To look at issues regarding home 'rules'.
  • 35 THE PARTY To develop visual ideas from a storyboard.
  • 37 ANOTHER EXCUSE Developing a cartoon strip/script based on excuses.
  • 39 TAKE OFF Developing script-writing skills about feelings.
  • 41 PERFORMANCE SKILLS Raising awareness of good performance skills.
  • 43 SET THE SCENE Creating a set which is appropriate.
  • 45 COSTUME DESIGN Resources to develop a range of ideas for costume design.
  • 47 MURDER MYSTERY Lesson plan looks at deduction skills.
  • 49 IT'S A PUZZLE Visual ordering and developing of ideas.
  • 51 PUBLICITY COUNTS To raise awareness of good publicity practice.
  • 53 ONE-LINERS Developing drama from a single phrase.
  • 55 RUNAWAYS Exploring teen issues.
  • 57 THE PROBLEM Developing a story from a visual stimulus.
  • 59 THE LIE Linking characters through a theme.
  • 61 STAR QUALITIES Developing skills in image making.



Name and school withheld.

Great for Internal Exclusion.
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Name and school withheld.

Great for Internal Exclusion.
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Name and school withheld.

Excellent resource! I am currently an NQT and have really valued the worksheets. They have made my life much easier when trying to devise work that is appropriate and enhances pupils' skills during key stage 3. I would certainly recommend this product!
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