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Exploring Materials KS3: Textiles

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Age Range: KS3

Practical tasks for your KS3 Textiles students. Develops comprehension and practical skills in line with NC D&T requirements. Resources include activities which build on earlier acquired knowledge. Design and Make lesson plans are meant to take several weeks to complete. There are also ICT and textiles product analysis worksheets, while appendices contain additional technical information. Resources are suitable for Key Stage 3.

Topics include: Sewing techniques; Fabric construction; Printing; Dyeing; Design; Embroidery; Quilting; Appliqué. ICT includes: Spreadsheets; Word processing; CAD; CAM.

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Size: 67 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 483 3
Code: EM3T
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Contents List


All Sewn Up

  • 7 YOUR SEWING MACHINE Worksheets helps students recognise parts of the machine; how to thread the machine/bobbin.
  • 9 1-2-3 TURN Straight stitching and how to turn corners.
  • 11 SURFING THE NET Stitching a curve.
  • 13 PLAY SAFE Safety rules.

Let's Design

  • 15 BUBBLE BOARDS Worksheet on the development of bubble boards.
  • 17 IN THE MOOD Development of mood boards.
  • 19 COLOUR IT Lesson plan on colour palette.
  • 21 WHY DESIGN? Importance and role of design.
  • 23 INSPIRATIONS Research used in designing.

Fabric Fun

  • 25 IT'S ALL IN THE FABRIC Raw materials used in manufacture.
  • 27 WEAVING MAGIC Fabric construction.
  • 29 WHAT'S NEW? Unusual uses of textiles.
  • 31 LET'S SELECT Fabric selection and testing.

Colour Shop

  • 33 PRINT SHOP Methods of printing on fabric.
  • 35 DYE HARD Methods of dying fabric.
  • 37 PAINT POT Methods of painting on fabric.

Let's Decorate

  • 39 APPLY IT Methods of appliqué.
  • 41 QUIT IT Methods of quilting.
  • 43 SEW IT Hand embroidery.
  • 45 MACHINE IT Machine embroidery.

Design and Make (These lesson plans span several weeks).

  • 47 UP, UP, AND AWAY Design and make a simple kite.
  • 49 ALL WRAPPED UP Design and make a holder for a CD or computer disk.
  • 51 TIE STACK Design and make a tie (mini enterprise).

ICT Activity worksheets (These lesson plans require the use of computers).

  • 53 LET'S RESEARCH Market research, including the use of spreadsheets and word processing packages.
  • 55 ALL IN THE DESIGN Packaging/marketing, including the use of a CAD package.
  • 57 MACHINE MAKE Manufacture including the use of CAM. Product Analysis Sheets
  • 59 SOCK IT TO ME! Product analysis.
  • 61 IT'S IN THE BAG! Product analysis.
  • 63 HOT STUFF Analysis of heat-resistant products.
  • 64-67 Appendices



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the book is learner friendly.
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