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Design and Make Activities: Textiles

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4

Ideas for structured mini projects which allow students to develop skills in Design and Make processes. The pack comprises: 8 design briefs (project ideas); 16 classroom and homework activity sheets which lead students through the investigative processes set out by the briefs; 4 product analysis sheets; 3 ICT sheets with ideas for how to apply ICT to project work. (Updated from: Textile Technology DMAs)

Topics include: Using design briefs; Industrial processes; Inclusion of ICT; Fibre and fabric analysis; Evaluation.

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Size: 69 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 488 8
Code: DMTE
Popularity rank: 51
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Contents List


Briefing Sheets and Homework Sheets

  • 7 WHO DO YOU SUPPORT? - investigate team identifiers
  • 9 DESIGNER SPORTSWEAR - fabric properties (Homework)
  • 11 FUN-FILLED PENCIL-CASES - function and fastenings
  • 13 COUNTING THE COST - costings in relation to methods of production (Homework)
  • 15 A SOFT SCULPTURE- purpose and quality of finish
  • 17 MARKET RESEARCH - marketing a product (Homework)
  • 19 BEDROOM STORAGE - design for use and suitability of fabrics
  • 21 MY STUDY BEDROOM - themes and lifestyles for designing (Homework)
  • 23 SEND A SMILE - designer cards
  • 25 GRIPPING CARDS - brainstorming designs to identify a final one (Homework)
  • 27 TRENDY T-SHIRTS - fabric enhancement
  • 29 PERSONALISED PICTURES - why planning is important (Homework)
  • 31 BE NATURAL - use of natural dyes and safety issues
  • 33 STUNNING SWEATSHIRTS - use of CAD for logo production
  • 35 PRODUCTION ANALYSIS - flow charts, systems and controls for health and safety (Homework)

Generic Sheets

  • 37 THE POWER OF COLOUR - why colour is important to us
  • 39 NATURALLY DYEING - natural dyes
  • 41 DYEING TO WASH - permanence of colour, and safe use of dyes
  • 43 PERFECT PATTERNS - designing a pattern, and symbols used in patterns
  • 45 MOUNTING WORK - quality of presentation plus mounting work
  • 47 MACHINE EMBROIDERY - computer use in industry
  • 49 YOU'RE THE BOSS! - production line working and costings
  • 51 SEWING KNITTEDS - stretch fabric problems using an overlocker and fastenings
  • 53 TIME TO RESEARCH - methods to use

IT Sheets

  • 55 CAD - using ICT drawing packages (ideal in ICT room or for homework)
  • 57 DARING DESIGNS - evaluate use of CAD for designers
  • 59 CONSUMER RESEARCH - use of spreadsheets and graphs to present ideas

Product Analysis

  • 61 DYEING TO EXPERIMENT - investigate fabric properties, such as colour-fastness
  • 63 TESTING FABRICS 1 - first of two sheets investigating fabric properties
  • 65 TESTING FABRICS 2 - second of two sheets investigating fabric properties
  • 67 DISASSEMBLY - why are pieces so much larger than the actual size?


  • 68 EVALUATING COLOUR - setting out work
  • 69 EVALUATION SHEET - general sheet for use with many activities



Handy worksheets to have for the last days of the term when we are all winding down our teaching subjects. Thank you for sharing the material.
Was this review helpful to you?

Name and school withheld.

I used this worksheet when I was absent from school as it was easy for the students to follow and to know what to do.
Was this review helpful to you?

Ideal for teaching textiles. Clear and engaging tasks. Designed appropriately for age range.
Was this review helpful to you?

I like the fact I can look at the resources need to check if I have the equipment first to do the activities. The worksheets are kid friendly, and are appropriate to the level. I would recommend these to Head of Departments who are starting new projects.
Was this review helpful to you?

I find it helpful that I can download a sample resource prior to purchasing the whole product. I can therefore see if the item would be work with the equipment I have available.
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Name and school withheld.

The information was useful to my class of elderly students - some of whom were still in the mindset of crimpelene. The seareach of this paper was extremely helpful and easily understandable. I have also used it for my teenage group.
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