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Promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Issues

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Age Range: KS3

Written specifically for students in their first year at secondary school and intended for use during form/tutor time. Three termly sections mirror events which occur during each school term. Use each page as a whole or in part to fit in with varying tutor/form periods, or the extension activities to provide material for homework or further lessons. Support students in considering and developing their own ideas.

Topics include: The start of a new school year; Life as a journey; Striving for success; Giving thanks; Living life to the full; Meaning of happiness; Concepts of summer and winter; Bonfire night; Remembrance Sunday; Festivals of Light; Christmas - secular and religious; New Year resolutions; Friendship; Love and Valentines Day; The impact of words on our lives; Stories and legends; April Fools Day; Appreciating the world around us; The Easter story; The importance of people and music; Considering the future; End of the year.

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Size: 61 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 352 2
Author(s): Eileen Osborne
Code: PSMS
Popularity rank: 405
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  • 7 A NEW START Students will consider the feelings, both negative and positive, which are likely to affect them at the start of a new school year.
  • 9 MOVING ONWARDS, MOVING UPWARDS Students will understand that life is a journey that requires some effort in order to ensure success.
  • 11 A TIME FOR THANKSGIVING Students will understand the need to give thanks for certain aspects of our lives.
  • 13 LIFE IS FOR LIVING Students will learn about the importance of enjoying life and living it to the full.
  • 15 HAPPINESS IS... Students will understand what it means to be happy and why it is good for them. They will examine their own personal experiences of 'happiness'.
  • 17 DARK NIGHTS, DARK MORNINGS Students will examine the ideas and concepts associated with winter.
  • 19 REMEMBER, REMEMBER Students will learn about the origins of the celebration of Bonfire Night.
  • 21 11, 11, 11 Students will examine the meaning and importance of Remembrance Sunday.
  • 23 FESTIVALS OF LIGHT Students will understand why most religions have Festivals of Light at this time of the year.
  • 25 CHRISTMAS IS HERE Students will understand the two aspects of Christmas: secular and religious.


  • 27 RESOLUTIONS AND PROMISES Students will look at the reasons for making 'resolutions' at New Year.
  • 29 BEST DAYS, WORST DAYS Students will understand that we all go through good and bad times.
  • 31 FRIENDSHIP Students will gain insights into the nature of friendship.
  • 33 LOVE IS... Students will consider what love is, and how it is celebrated on Valentine's Day.
  • 35 WORDS Students will look at the importance of words and language in our lives.
  • 37 STORIES AND LEGENDS Students will understand that different cultures and faiths have various stories and legends, and will appreciate some of the reasons for them.
  • 39 APRIL FOOL Students will learn about April Fool's Day, and what it means.
  • 41 IN PRAISE OF... Students will learn to appreciate some of the beauty and wonder of the world.
  • 43 NEW LIFE Students will learn about the Christian concept of new life in connection with the Easter Story.


  • 45 A THING OF BEAUTY Students will appreciate how the natural world is seen by many people as being full of beauty and awe.
  • 47 AMAZING ANIMALS Students will appreciate the beauty and fascination of animals and consider why some people mistreat them.
  • 49 WISHING ON A STAR Students will understand the purpose of wishes in our lives.
  • 51 IMPORTANT PEOPLE? Students look at how and why people become important to us as individuals.
  • 53 IN THE FUTURE Students explore ideas and images associated with the future.
  • 55 MUSIC IN OUR LIVES Students will appreciate how influential music is in our lives.
  • 57 SUMMER TIME Students will understand the attraction of summertime to most of us, especially as a time for holidays.
  • 59 NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE Students learn that we sometimes have to strive hard for what we want to achieve.
  • 61 UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN Students 'take stock' of a full year in school.



Too wordy for the SEN pupils I intended using it with
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