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Material for Learning Mentors

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Age Range: KS3

Peer mentoring is one of those excellent principles that has been ignored for too long. At long last, according to the Guardian (and this DCSF information sheet), the Government has got behind it. OFSTED is sure to follow.

My first mentee was very shy and that was the biggest part of the problem – she was so shy she used to ignore the bully, so things just got worse. I found some worksheets on confidence-building, how to find your voice and stand up for yourself. We worked on them together through posters and pictures, and gradually the problem stopped.

Raising self-esteem, promoting aspirations and improving achievement are key objectives of these worksheets and lesson plans which are designed for learning mentors and their KS3 students. Learning mentor resources are designed for students at Key Stage 3, but may also be useful for other groups, such as underachieving gifted students.

Learning mentor worksheet topics include: What is a learning mentor?; Attendance; Education: Why bother?; Targets and achievements; Coping strategies; Goal setting; SATS; Homework; Self-esteem; Hopes, dreams and ambitions; Plans for the future.

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Size: 63 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 364 5
Author(s): Jayne Walker
Code: MFLM
Popularity rank: 19
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Contents List


  • 7 OUR GROUP CONTRACT This worksheet helps students get to know each other and establish a group contract.
  • 9 WHAT IS A LEARNING MENTOR? This lesson plan helps students learn about the role of the learning mentor.
  • 11 WORKING TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY Students start to explore their learning potential.
  • 13 ACTION PLANS Students identify their learning and support needs.
  • 15 ATTENDANCE Students look at their attendance record and learn about its effect on learning.
  • 17 POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES OF SCHOOL Students share their views of school and consider how the positives benefit them.
  • 19 EDUCATION: WHY BOTHER? 1 Students consider the benefits to be gained by working with the school.
  • 21 EDUCATION: WHY BOTHER? 2 Students consider the benefits to be gained by working with the school.
  • 23 TARGETS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Students set themselves achievable targets.
  • 25 TRUST Students learn to trust each other.
  • 27 COPING STRATEGIES Students identify sources of support and strategies for coping within the school.
  • 29 GOAL SETTING Students set themselves goals.
  • 31 TOWERS OF SUCCESS Students understand the benefits of working as a team.
  • 33 WHAT SUCCESS MEANS TO US Students think about what success means to them personally.
  • 35 SATS 1 Students learn about the importance and relevance of SATs.
  • 37 SATS 2 Students prepare a revision timetable for their SATs.
  • 39 STUDENTS AND LEARNING 1 Students identify the skills that help them to work effectively.
  • 41 STUDENTS AND LEARNING 2 Students identify their strengths and weaknesses as learners.
  • 43 HOMEWORK 1 Students think about why some students do not complete homework.
  • 45 HOMEWORK 2 Students consider whether there is a need for a homework club and what it would involve.
  • 47 SELF-ESTEEM 1: FEELING GOOD ABOUT ME Students identify things that make them feel good about themselves.
  • 49 SELF-ESTEEM 2: THIS IS ME Students become aware of how their peers perceive them.
  • 51 SELF-ESTEEM 3: ME, MYSELF, I Students self-reflect and talk about themselves to raise self-esteem.
  • 53 SELF-ESTEEM 4: THE CHAIR Students choose positive words to say to each other to raise self-esteem.
  • 55 SELF-ESTEEM 5: SELF-ESTEEM AND ME Students work together to increase self-worth and self-esteem.
  • 57 HOPES, DREAMS AND AMBITIONS Students discuss their hopes, dreams and ambitions.
  • 59 PLANS FOR THE FUTURE Students make an action plan to help achieve a particular goal.
  • 61 FIND THE SENTENCE Students think about respect and what it means to them.
  • 62 APPENDIX 1 ATTENDANCE GRAPHS - for use with ATTENDANCE, page 15.
  • 63 APPENDIX 2 GOAL SETTING Example Certificate - for use with GOAL SETTING, page 29.
  • 64 APPENDIX 3 FIND THE SENTENCE - for use with FIND THE SENTENCE, page 61.



I have found all the material I have acquired from Chalkface to to be extremely useful, the students I work with have enjoyed using it aswell.
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Julynda Pascua at DHSZ

I haven't used it in the classroom yet, but the topics are ideally suited to what I will need.
Was this review helpful to you?

Name and school withheld.

This is an excellent resource I needed it for a transition day with Year 9 students preparing for Year 10 I was able to pick the best bits for the day, with plenty left over for future lessons
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