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Adding Value in English 2

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

Year 7 intake students? Bring them up to speed in English and monitor their progress using the built-in assessment in this resource. This is the second in a set of three packs designed for each term of the foundation year (See also Adding Value in English and Adding Value in English 3).

Topics include: Reading aloud; Formal and informal language; Writing a script; Comprehension; Writing with clarity; Correct use of apostrophes; Poetry writing; Selecting adjectives.

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Size: 60 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 177 1
Author(s): Sally Anne Greenwood
Code: AVE2
Popularity rank: 353

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Contents List


  • 7 PAGE TO STAGE Changing prose text into script form.
  • 9 PICTURE CLUES A sequencing activity.
  • 11 POETRY PERFORMANCE Preparing a poem for presentation.
  • 13 WATCH OUT! Students draw up a list of safety guidelines.
  • 15 USE YOUR LOAF! Rewriting and making up rhyming slang terms.
  • 17 IT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAY... Understanding of register in speech.
  • 19 CRACKING THE CODE Students consider sign systems.
  • 21 TOO MANY COOKS Students look at proverbs.
  • 23 WHO? WHERE? HOW? A collaborative oral activity.
  • 25 THE CLUES ARE THERE Clues to a person's character.
  • 27 FLAT STANLEY Looking at a play script.
  • 29 THE NECKLACE Adapting part of a short story for film.
  • 31 WWWWWH! A comprehension activity.
  • 33 CAMERA READY Enabling students to write detailed description.
  • 35 FRIENDSHIP IS... An activity to generate and evaluate ideas.
  • 37 WHATEVER THE WEATHER A script-writing activity.
  • 39 STORY MAPS Students present ideas in a flow chart or map.
  • 41 DOUBLE MEANINGS The clear, unambiguous use of language.
  • 43 GOGGLEBOX Students interview others to gain information.
  • 45 APOSTROPHE RULES Students revise the use of the apostrophe.
  • 47 MORE THAN WORDS Focusing on non-verbal communication.
  • 49 SOUNDING GOOD Students discuss descriptive language.
  • 51 DROP THE LETTERS Students play a word game.
  • 53 THROW THE DICE An activity based on creating a board game.
  • 55 DON'T FORGET THE BACON! Students sort out poem structure.
  • 57 LIFE STORY Students do a piece of biographical writing.
  • 59 ALPHABET RHYMES A poetry-writing activity.
  • 61 MOODY BLUE ETC Choosing descriptive words to create a particular effect.