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Work-related learning for English

Price: £45.00
Age Range: KS4

Worksheets focus on the range of work-related activities offered by schools and provide a realistic and relevant context in which to develop and motivate your English students. Linked, where applicable, to Careers and Key Skills learning outcomes and includes a portfolio evidence tracking sheet.

Skills include: Presentation, Reporting; Critical Analysis; Planning; Business letters; CV; Teamworking; Role-play; Review; Research.

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Size: 76 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 495 6
Author(s): Alan Barton
Code: WRLE
Popularity rank: 327

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Contents List


  • 7 MAKE CHOICES ABOUT WORK By the end of the lesson students will have had the opportunity to write a list of their ideas for work experience, make decisions on those ideas and give reasons for their choices.
  • 9 MAKING THE MOST OF WORK EXPERIENCE Students write an analysis of what they learned on a work experience placement.
  • 11 WHO DOES WHAT? Students select the elements of a questionnaire to analyse how working people see the differences between school and work.
  • 13 LOOKING AT JOBS Students identify the content and method for a job study, and write a job study plan.
  • 15 PRESENT YOURSELF Students will understand what information goes into letters of application and CVs, and how these can be used by employers to select candidates for interview.
  • 17 SHADOW PLAN Students identify how to gain information from work shadowing, and draft a list of points to use when shadowing to improve their knowledge of specific careers.
  • 19 LEARN FROM SHADOWING Students write an analysis of what they learned from shadowing someone at work or college.
  • 21 BE AN ENTERPRISING LEARNER! Students will discuss ideas and write a plan for a mini-enterprise.
  • 23 WORKING TOGETHER Students evaluate roles and strategies they used in their mini-enterprise activity.
  • 25 PRESENTATION SKILLS Students review and present the results of their mini-enterprise activity.
  • 27 GAME PLAN Students take part in a short business simulation and list the ways their group co-operated with each other to achieve their aims.
  • 29 GAME RESULTS Students analyse and write about how they worked together during their business game, and produce a presentation of what they learned.
  • 31 ASSEMBLY MATTERS Students identify how to get the most out of formal talks, and how they can plan for this by drafting questions to ask.
  • 33 INDUSTRY DAY Students practise ways of working on an Industry Day activity.
  • 35 PART OF THE TEAM Students identify and write about the ways in which they worked with others during their Industry Day activity.
  • 37 A DAY TO REMEMBER Students evaluate their Industry Day activity and write their learning outcomes.
  • 39 MEET THE EXPERTS Students devise an action plan to make good use of a careers convention or exhibition.
  • 41 GET THE MOST FROM THE EXPERTS Students present their individual learning outcomes from a careers information event.
  • 43 PLAY THE PART Students practise their listening and speaking skills in a work-related roleplay situation.
  • 45 ROLEPLAYS WORK Students work in groups to create a work-related roleplay.
  • 47 SATURDAY JOB Students list the tasks and skills which they may need in part-time jobs, and consider what they could learn from part-time work.
  • 49 MY HELPING HAND Students list some ways in which learning mentors can help them to improve their school performance and behaviour.
  • 51 DAY OUT Students write a plan for visiting a workplace, and a strategy to report what they learned.
  • 53 PRODUCTION SIMULATION PLAN Students take part in a production simulation activity, and write about what they learned.
  • 55 SCHOOL WORK TASKS Students analyse the range of tasks and skills needed for a job in school.
  • 57 DESIGN A JOB Students appraise their own skills, abilities and interests in relation to their ideal job.
  • 59 RESEARCHING JOBS Students produce a written plan for their job research, with action points.
  • 61 PERSONAL REVIEW Students review their learning outcomes from the activities in this pack.
  • 64 APPENDIX 3 WORK EXPERIENCE REPORT for use with page 9.
  • 65 APPENDIX 4 PRESENT YOURSELF for use with page 15.
  • 67 APPENDIX 5 MINI-ENTERPRISE PLANNING SHEET for use with page 21.
  • 68 APPENDIX 6 COMPANY STAFF ROLES for use with page 27.
  • 69 APPENDIX 7 INDUSTRY DAY for use with page 33.
  • 71 APPENDIX 8 REVIEW OF GROUP WORK for use with page 35.
  • 72 APPENDIX 9 CAREERS CONVENTION ACTION PLAN for use with page 39.
  • 73 APPENDIX 10 'WHO BURNED THE CAKES?' ROLEPLAY CARDS for use with page 43.
  • 74 APPENDIX 11 SIMULATION TASK SHEET for use with page 53.
  • 76 APPENDIX 12 LEARNING REVIEW SHEET for use with page 61.