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Baseline ICT Assessment for KS3

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Age Range: KS3

At last an accurate, computerised KS3 level assessment that is easy to set up and simple to administrate.

This assessment suite was developed at Blatchington Mill school in Brighton and calibrated against a full range of NC levels in trials of over 2000 tests. Last updated September 2006 with additional questions and feedback.

These assessments are run through Yacapaca, which may charge a subscription fee based on your overall level of usage


  • Quick, simple-to-administrate tests
  • Expertly calibrated to NC levels
  • Instant results in your online markbook
  • Tests levels 2 thru 7 with accuracy
  • Randomisation of questions prevents cheating
  • Powerful analysis of results instantly on your screen
  • Available any time on the web

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Author(s): Mark Leighton
Code: OIA3
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Contents List

These demonstrations present the assessment to you exactly as the student will experience it, except that the final grade is not recorded. If you attempt any test more than once, you will notice that you see different questions (L4 and above) and that the sequence of questions and the positioning of options changes with each attempt.

Level 2

level 2 demonstration: 10 questions randomly selected from a bank of 11.

Level 3

level 3 demonstration: 10 questions randomly selected from a bank of 11.

Level 4

level 4 demonstration: 10 questions randomly selected from a bank of 20.

Level 5

level 5 demonstration: 10 questions randomly selected from a bank of 35.

Level 6

level 6 demonstration: 10 questions randomly selected from a bank of 37.

Level 7

level 7 demonstration: 10 questions randomly selected from a bank of 25.



TheBinMan - at TES Staffroom

Use yacapaca instead [of that RM thing] - it works without bunging up the entire school network ! (full post at )
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Name and school withheld.

I set up a Yacapaca account this morning (very quick and easy to do), and ran some Year 8's through the ICT assessments. Very interesting results, and an excellent tool. I'm impressed.
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WiseOwl_UK - at writing in TES Staffroom

<P>We use the Chalkface baseline assessment tool too... with it being online, the lack of installation appealed to me and setting up pupil names is a breeze and instant feedback of a baseline level is a good starting point - much better than taking the average of Maths, English and Science KS2 results!!!</P> <P>Tests are 10p each, lasting about 10 minutes. Chalkface recommend you order enough test allocations to run six tests per pupil to get a good breadth of data to make the level more accurate. True enough, but three tests is virtually as accurate, halves the time and cost too.</P> [<em>editor's note: tests are now free</em>] <P>...takes minutes to calibrate and I highly recommend it.</P> <P>I love the fact you can tier the tests. We entered some pupils for the 4-6 entry, and others for the 3-5 entry.</P> <P>We teach 50 minute lessons at our place and we can get through three tests in one lesson - the result being - we have their baseline level at the end of it!</P> <P><em>Full converstion thread can be found at <a href="">TES Staffroom</a>.</em></P>
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Ian at Chalkface

I've used the yacapaca ones today with our MLD y10s. Very good - and the kids enjoyed doing them again to try to improve their scores. Interesting how they set their own targets too - I'm not sure they've ever done that, and it was facinating to hear their thinking behind what figure to enter. <P><em>Full conversation thread can be found in the <a href=>TES Staffroom</a><em></P>
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David Kissack, ICT Manager, Castle Hall School

I found the Avatars last week - a real improvement. My Y7 classes didn't even realise they were doing a test!
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