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History: Medieval World

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Age Range: KS3, 11-14

A great set of tests written to the 2007 syllabus. Use each test before teaching each module as a quick way to introduce the content, and to establish your students' preexisting knowledge of it. Or, use each test at the end of the module both to reinforce and to immediately where weak points still exist. There is a special analysis too built in to help you instantly spot strenghts and weaknesses in individual students or across the whole class.

Tests include: The Battle of Hastings; Revolts, Rebellions and Civil Wars; The Black Death; Ireland, Wales and Scotland; Castles; Thomas Becket; Monasteries

Features list:

  • Instant marking for both teacher and student
  • Accurate and fast analysis that highlights individual and whole class weaknesses
  • Available at any time on the Web

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to preview any of the tests and sign up now online to set them for your students.

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Author(s): Dave Corbett, Linslade Middle School, Beds
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