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Guy Fawkes resources

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Age Range: 11-16

Guy Fawkes Night presents great teaching opportunities, and also significant dangers that students should be educated about. Here's a super set of resources created by a group of 44 teachers. Use them for classwork or homework in a range of subjects.

  • Fireworks Safety Essay (English/Media)
  • Science quiz (Science/Chemistry)
  • 2 History quizzes (History)
  • History/ethics survey (History/Citizenship/R.E.)
  • Safety project (Tutor/Science/PSHE)
  • Retrospective project (Tutor/Science/PSHE)

The two projects (both called My Firework Show Website) provide an opportunity for students to create their own website without them (or you) needing any web skills at all. Both you and their parents will be impressed with what your students will produce!

30-second starter video from the Safety Project.

These assessments are run through Yacapaca, which may charge a subscription fee based on your overall level of usage

  • If you are already a member of Yacapaca, go direct the Guy Fawkes Resources.
  • You can join Yacapaca for free and set any of these assignments for your students in less than 10 minutes. Start here.

Note that the 'free trial' button below should just say 'free'. There is no trial period. Yacapaca is all free.

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