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Values for Citizenship: Environmental Issues

Price: £19.95
Age Range: KS3

Students consider how they interact with their environment. A broad introduction, with later focus on more specific environmental issues, encourages them to understand differing views and take action, where appropriate, to improve their environment.

Topics include: Natural recycling; Modern farming techniques; Packaging; Renewable energy sources; Nuclear waste; Energy conservation; Noise pollution.

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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 873562 89 5
Code: VCEI
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Contents List


  • 1 PLANET EARTH Students are introduced to the environment as a whole - including the natural and living parts as well as those introduced by humans.
  • 3 GRUB UP Students explore the idea of natural recycling and the transfer of energy along a very simple food-chain.
  • 5 GREEDY GUTS Students look at their diet and compare it with that of less developed countries and with that of their grandparents.
  • 7 FOOD FOR THOUGHT Students look at the impact humans have on the environment when they use modern farming techniques.
  • 9 WRAP IT UP Students look at how and why food is packaged and consider the consequences to the environment.
  • 11 FUEL BILL Students look at the cost of running different appliances in a home and consider ways in which savings could be made.
  • 13 ALTERNATIVES Students look at one alternative to fossil fuels.
  • 15 DUMP IT! Students look at the problem of transporting and disposing of nuclear waste.
  • 17 ENERGY CODES Students audit their school's energy-saving practices and draw up a Code of Conduct.
  • 19 WHEELS Students look at different types of transport and assess them in terms of their environmental impact.
  • 21 WINNERS AND LOSERS Students consider the arguments for and against building a new motorway bypass.
  • 23 PAIN OR PLEASURE? Students look at the problem of noise pollution, starting with the students' own situation.
  • 25 FRESH AIR Students consider the things that constitute air pollution and their effect on humans, buildings, plants and animals.
  • 27 FLUORIDE Students look at information about fluoride and discuss whether it should be added to drinking water.
  • 29 SLICK Students consider the environmental impact of an oil-spill disaster.
  • 31 FIRE! FIRE! Students look at the pressure from different groups of people to clear the rainforests.
  • 33 WATERY WASTE? Students compare a valley before and after the building of a reservoir in order to assess environmental change and the impact on the local community.
  • 35 SPORT OR NATURE? Students look at the conflict between leisure and nature.
  • 37 RECYCLING Students look at some of the problems recycling poses for people and think about the ways in which recycling can be made easier.
  • 39 AGAIN AND AGAIN Students look at the school's recycling efforts in order to improve or start them if necessary.
  • 41 LITTER LOUT Students consider the problem of litter and the distinction between litter - waste dropped in the wrong place - and waste.
  • 43 HEAVY METAL Students learn about some heavy metals.
  • 45 CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Students learn about the ozone layer - what it does, why it is being destroyed and by what.
  • 47 ZOO TIME Students look at the issues surrounding the value of zoos.
  • 49 OCEAN DEEP Students look at the oceans as a resource and a dumping ground.
  • 51 DISASTER Students imagine they are aid workers and consider how and when they would intervene in an environmental crisis.
  • 53 PRESSURE Students look at environmental groups and their different approaches.
  • 55 THE BIG ISSUE Students consider their personal response to the main environmental issues that have been looked at in the pack.



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good resource and quick delivery
Was this review helpful to you?

Teacher Testing Report

Most impressed by standard, quality and variety of this pack. Brilliant for cross curricular resource. Useful for KS3 Science and PSE work, and geography.
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Teacher Testing Report

Very pupil orientated allowed them to express and formulate their arguments. Easy to understand: clear language. The pages tried were excellent, giving a variety of activities from very good stimulus material. From the headings the rest of the pack seems to give an excellent variety.
Was this review helpful to you?

Teacher Testing Report

Raised awareness that the ozone layer is but one of many environmental issues.
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Teacher Testing Report

I would certainly use some of the sheets and activities within geography at KS3. Concept of the pack fits in well to existing National Curriculum geography. Most aspects of environmental issues are covered encourages pupils to think wider than the "ozone" layer.
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Teacher Testing Report

Students liked the fresh approach and felt illustrations enhanced the work. Really fits in well with my Year 7 Foundation Studies Class covering topics from the PSE Scheme and covering geography programs of study. This pack would complement our existing resources.
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The Geographical Association

Provide a useful part of a general social education course.
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International Journal of Environmental Education & Information

Informative, thought provoking and imaginatively illustrated teaching aids. Specific issues are presented in an original and stimulating way providing a new and factual approach to familiar issues.
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NAFSO Book Review Supplement

Each topic stands on it's own and teachers will be able to select those they wish to use. There are some new ideas for topics which have been "done to death", and which are presented in a "fresh new way".
Was this review helpful to you?