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INSET: Positive Behaviour Management

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This course goes beyond the negative discipline approach to positive behaviour management, aiming to develop a culture of good behaviour. Sessions are designed on the principle that a consistent approach—agreed, understood and implemented by all—fosters positive standards and ethical behaviour both within and outside the school.

The most consistently effective INSET is that run by teachers from within the school, who know the people involved and the issues of immediate importance. Chalkface INSET resources structure the course for you but are flexible enough to be modified to meet the local need. The authors envisage the course being delivered as a series of twilight sessions, but a single whole day or other format could be equally effective.

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Size: 130 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 297 6
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Contents List

Session 1: Are We Behaving Ourselves?

  • Audit the current behaviour management strengths and difficulties in your school. Learn how to self-generate positive behaviour management solutions that will change and improve behaviour across your school for good.

Session 2: Public Enemy Number One

  • Identify the single most important behaviour issue in your school, and learn how to resolve it.

Session 3: Make And Take Responsibility

  • Identify the current behaviour chains in your school, classify responsibility once and for all, and put an end to the buck-passing syndrome.

Session 4: Behave Yourself

  • Tried and tested strategies for managing student behaviour in the classroom that will work for every teacher.

Session 5: Behave Myself

  • Practical techniques to help every teacher manage their own classroom behaviour more effectively.

Session 6: The Supporters' Club

  • Build a reliable and effective support system for teachers at all levels in your school.

Session 7: Crime And Punishment

  • Analyse rewards and sanctions in use at your school, and learn how to improve their effect dramatically.

Session 8: Making A Difference For Good

  • Monitor and evaluate the changes your school has made, and learn how to ensure that the improvements are maintained for good.