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Cover Lessons in Music

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3

When the music teacher is away, these music cover lessons will help the non-specialist teacher. These resources comprise a series of simple lesson plans which provide KS3 students with challenging activities that meet National Curriculum requirements. A wide variety of Key Stage 3 music cover work, including film music worksheets, ensures that little or no equipment is necessary while the important areas of performing, composing, appraising, listening, and applying knowledge and understanding are thoroughly explored.

Topics include: The Blues; Film music; Women composers; Samba; Music in advertisements; Football music; Indian music.

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Size: 64 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 323 2
Author(s): Rob Jones
Code: CLIM
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Contents List


  • 7 FILM MUSIC * With this music cover lesson, students plan appropriate music for film scores, focusing on the way in which instruments and playing techniques can create atmosphere.
  • 9 SINGING THE BLUES This lesson plan teaches students about the origins of blues music, focusing particularly on the lyrics. Preparation: Cassette/CD player, selection of blues music on cassette or CD.
  • 11 WOMEN COMPOSERS * Students find out about the life and work of Clara Schumann and consider the problems faced by female composers in history and today. Preparation: Nothing essential but a selection of any music, preferably from previous centuries, would help, along with a cassette/CD player.
  • 13 THE ROOTS OF ROCK 'N' ROLL In this lesson plan, students discover the various musical strands that led to the emergence of rock 'n' roll music. Resources: Music from any of the artists mentioned on the page would help to set the scene. Students will need access to research materials. Large sheets of paper should be provided. Cassette/CD player.
  • 15 RAP Worksheet helps students explore the style and rhythms of rap music. Resources: Examples of Rap music would be helpful and use of a keyboard(s) although not essential, would improve the quality of the lesson. Cassette/CD player.
  • 17 MUSICAL PUZZLES Students use puzzles to investigate musical instruments, performers and composers. Preparation: Students will need access to research materials on instruments, performers and composers.
  • 19 MUSICAL MATHS Students use puzzles and research to increase their musical knowledge. Preparation: Access to resource materials on composers, instruments and contemporary performers.
  • 21 LASTING POPULARITY Students explore the enduring popularity of the Beatles and and consider which current musicians will have lasting popularity. Preparation: A selection of Beatles' songs is needed. Cassette/CD player.
  • 23 CLASSICAL HITS Students find out about Mozart and his music. Preparation: You should provide some music by Mozart and some brief biographical information on Mozart. Copies of modern music magazines would also be useful. Cassette/CD player.
  • 25 MERRY CHRISTMAS * Students learn to write Christmas songs, focusing on the use of lyrics and melody to create a particular atmosphere and style.
  • 27 BRASS INSTRUMENTS Students learn how brass instruments produce different notes and explore their particular musical features. Preparation: Students will need large sheets of paper. Pictures and information on brass instruments would also be useful, as would some actual brass instruments to show students.
  • 29 WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS Students learn to identify woodwind instruments, and discover some differences between them. Preparation: Large sheets of paper. Pictures and information on woodwind instruments would be useful, as would some actual woodwind instruments to show students. A picture of an orchestra will help in activity 4.
  • 31 PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS Students learn about the variety of percussion instruments available and describe their features. Preparation: Pictures and information on percussion instruments would be useful, as would some actual percussion instruments to show students.
  • 33 STRINGED INSTRUMENTS Students learn about the variety and versatility of stringed instruments. Preparation: Pictures and information on stringed instruments would be useful, as would some stringed instruments to show students.
  • 35 100 YEARS OF TOTP * Students think about popular music and predict how it might develop in the twenty-first century.
  • 37 FINAL SCORE Students * learn to write and play basic rhythm patterns and practise playing them accurately.
  • 39 REMEMBERING BEETHOVEN Students find out about Beethoven and consider what makes him such an important musical figure. Preparation: Music by Beethoven and some biographical materials on Beethoven, plus cassette/CD player.
  • 41 BAROQUE 'N' ROLL Students gain an overview of four hundred years of musical development. Preparation: Students will need large pieces of paper and research materials on Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century music. Examples of each type of music would also enhance the lesson. Cassette/CD player.
  • 43 TV THEMES * Students discover the purpose of television theme music and justify their choices of music for a variety of programmes.
  • 45 FOOTBALL CRAZY Students learn about the power popular songs can have and practise lyric writing. Preparation: Some football songs would help to set the scene (plus cassette/CD player).
  • 47 FANTASY BAND Students focus on band images, and devise ways in which these can be deliberately created. Preparation: Large sheets of paper are required.
  • 49 SELL IT WITH MUSIC Students explore the power of music when used in advertising. Preparation: Keyboards or other instruments would be useful.
  • 51 THE MUSIC OF INDIA Students learn about Indian music and instruments. Preparation: Pictures of Indian instruments and musicians would be useful. Examples of Indian music would be ideal. Cassette/CD player.
  • 53 IT'S ALL ITALIAN Students gain familiarity with musical terminology. Preparation: Students would benefit from dictionaries or books containing musical terms. Squared paper would be useful for activity 3.
  • 55 COMPLETING THE SCORE Students gain familiarity with musical symbols and terms found on scores, and practise following these. Preparation: Students will need keyboards and tuned percussion or other instruments such as recorders.
  • 57 SSSHH! Students learn about experimental approaches to music through the work of John Cage. Preparation: Some taped examples of John Cage's music would enhance the lesson. Cassette/CD player.
  • 59 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Students prepare an overview of world instruments and world music. Preparation: Students will need research materials containing information on world music and instruments.
  • 61 RHYTHM SQUARE Students use a rhythm square to learn to create and play strong percussion rhythms. Preparation: This lesson will be more effective if you can provide percussion instruments.
  • 62 HELP SLIPS To help with differentiation for worksheets 11, 13, 17 and 21.
  • 63 HELP SLIPS To help with differentiation for worksheets 25, 37, 39, 43, 53 and 59.
  • 64 APPENDIX Checklist to record worksheets used by different classes.

Worksheets marked * require no preparation and are suitable for use at short notice.



Name and school withheld.

Just didn't do the job - I didn't end up using these at all.
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These look good but I was looking for non-specialist music cover so this pack perhaps is not quite suitable.
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Name and school withheld.

This is great for emergency cover lessons if I am unable to teach and I have to give these to the cover teacher. However, some of the sheets could be updated to give some form of currency to the students. e.g. names of more popular bands and groups and styles of music. None the less I am grateful for the resources and the ease these have provided in fore planning for emergencies. Thank you
Was this review helpful to you?

Name and school withheld.

Great resource for cover and for internally excluded students.
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The resouyrces are very good. What would make them even better would be if there was also a CD to accompany the lessons, so that we don't have to create our own!
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Tom Deveson at Times Educational Supplement

Suggestions are simple in scope but realisable in practice.
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Tom Deveson at Times Educational Supplement

Simple is best
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