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The Young Citizen and the Law

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3 KS4

Written to familiarise students with aspects of the law which may directly affect them, these resources focus on children and the law and students' rights and responsibilities. Encourage your KS3 and KS4 students to explore their role in society. Law lesson plans and worksheets examine the consequences of criminal action and give a broad, balanced view of crime and young people and the law. Resources are suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students at risk of breaking the law.

Topics include: Laws and rules; Employment law; Sexual consent; Discrimination; The Children's Act; The law and school; Leisure and entertainment; The Crime and Disorder Bill; Police.

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Size: 71 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 326 3
Author(s): Linda Hopley
Code: YCAL
Popularity rank: 47
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Contents List


The Function and Purpose of the Law

  • 9 LIFE WITHOUT LAWS Law - and the consequences of disorder.
  • 11 DOING THE RIGHT THING Moral codes and the fear of punishment.
  • 13 I WANT TO - SO I CAN! How the law seeks to protect the individual.
  • 15 DYING FOR A CIGARETTE Does the law need to limit personal freedoms?
  • 17 NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS Social attitudes to legal issues.
  • 19 IT'S NOT AGAINST THE LAW The distinction between rules and laws.
  • 21 INSTITUTIONAL RACISM Racism in society.
  • 23 EQUAL UNDER THE LAW? The need for positive discrimination.
  • 25 NOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN! The issue of censorship and personal choice.
  • 27 WHO PAYS? The true cost of antisocial actions.

Legislation and the Young Citizen

  • 29 WE DON'T NEED NO EDUCATION! State involvement in education.
  • 31 ALCO POP The need for legislation on alcohol.
  • 33 ALL HOURS OF THE DAY The legislation affecting young people's hours of work.
  • 35 SAFELY EMPLOYED The types of work permissible for young people.
  • 37 THE CHILDREN ACT: A HELPING HAND State assistance in the parents' role.
  • 39 THE CHILDREN ACT: THE CHILD COMES FIRST The Paramountcy Principle.
  • 41 HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE? The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • 43 HUMAN RIGHTS The Human Rights Act - and possible abuses.
  • 45 THE BALANCE OFRESPONSIBILITY The development of responsibility in young people.

Administering the Law

  • 47 NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Taking responsibility for crime prevention.
  • 49 JUST HAVING A LAUGH Antisocial behaviour.
  • 51 MEET YOUR CONSCIENCE The consequences of an individual's actions upon others.
  • 53 MATURITY MATTERS 'Doli incapax' and the age of responsibility.
  • 55 HOW DID I END UP HERE? Custodial sentences for young people.
  • 57 WILL THE DEFENDANT PLEASE STAND? Sentences and their rationales.
  • 59 THE BOYS IN BLUE Images of the police.
  • 61 DOWN THE STATION Police powers.

The Future

  • 63 LAW & ORDER - THE NEXT GENERATION Changes in society produce a need for changes in legislation.


  • 64-65 Appendix 1: THE CHILDREN ACT 1989
  • 66 Appendix 2: THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998
  • 68-70 Appendix 4: CRIME AND DISORDER ACT 1998



As with all of the interventions provided by Chalkface this intervention is very easy to use and is a great visual tool for the young people. I have found that it can be easily adapted to meet various ages and becomes good interactive session.
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Name and school withheld.

good for shorter pshe slots
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Andy Brooke at Head of PSE

Useful to generate class or small group discussion. Whereas many resources are aimed at the longer lesson, the sheets can be used if desired to stand alone, for shorter sessions.
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