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Developing Good Relationships and Respecting Differences

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS3 KS4

Separated into KS3 and KS4 sections, key topics are common to both. Students are encouraged to explore the effects of social and anti-social behaviour, examine their own feelings and develop strategies to challenge and cope confidently with sensitive or difficult situations.

Topics include: Predjudice and racism; Empathy; Cultural norms; Homosexual lifestyles; Friends and family; Growing old; Marriage; Helping out; Negotiation; Resist pressures to do wrong; Recognise when others need help and how to support them; Listening skills; Exploitation; Talking about relationships and feelings; Getting along with others; The marriage vow; Being a parent; Separation, divorce, bereavement; Statutory and voluntary help organisations; Working relationships.

The pack includes 25 web-based homeworks which can be set, completed and marked online using our free Yacapaca assessment platform (demo). List of homeworks.

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Size: 69 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 342 3
Author(s): Laura Marshall
Code: DGRR
Popularity rank: 9
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Contents List



  • 7 THEY'RE ALL THE SAME! Students look at the effects of stereotyping, prejudice, racism and discrimination and learn how to challenge those attitudes.
  • 9 CHALLENGING RACISM Students consider the work of one person (Martin Luther King) who tried to challenge racism.
  • 11 HOW DOES IT FEEL? Students learn how to empathise with others.
  • 13 WHAT MAKES A FRIEND? Students explore the nature of friendship and the meaning of friendship.
  • 15 DIFFERENT PEOPLE'S LIVES Students consider some of the cultural norms in society, including a wide range of lifestyles and relationships.
  • 17 THE GAY LIFESTYLE Students learn to recognise and accept homosexual relationships and lifestyles.
  • 19 FAMILIES UNDER PRESSURE Students look at the changing nature of, and pressure on, relationships with friends and family.
  • 21 GROWING OLD Students consider the changing nature of relationships within families, with particular reference to the experiences of the elderly - omparing old age among white British and Asian British families.
  • 23 'TIL DEATH DO US PART Students take a close look at the role and importance of marriage.
  • 25 MY FAMILY! Students consider the role and importance of parents and carers and the value of family life.
  • 27 HELPING OUT! Students learn that goodwill is essential to positive and constructive relationships.
  • 29 WE CAN WORK IT OUT! Putting the case for negotiation within relationships, helping students to recognise that actions have consequences - and when and how to make compromises.
  • 31 STOP! THINK AGAIN! This page offers ways to resist pressure to do wrong and shows students how to recognise when others need help - and how to support them.
  • 33 LISTEN, HEAR! Students consider the importance of confident communication - including listening - when interacting both with peers and with adults.


  • 35 SHOW SOME RESPECT! Students consider the diversity of different ethnic groups and the power of prejudice.
  • 37 IT'S NOT FAIR! Looking at exploitation in relationships.
  • 39 PROSTITUTION By looking at prostitution as an example, students gain an understanding of exploitation in relationships.
  • 41 SAY NO TO RACISM! Students are encouraged to challenge racism and the discrimination leading from it in an assertive way and to take the initiative in giving and receiving support.
  • 43 WORKING TOGETHER Students consider ways in which to work cooperatively with a range of people who are different from themselves.
  • 45 LET'S TALK! Students learn to talk about relationships and feelings.
  • 47 GETTING ALONG WITH OTHERS Ways of dealing with changing relationships in a positive way, showing goodwill to others and using strategies to resolve disagreements peacefully.
  • 49 LET'S GET MARRIED! Students focus on the words of marriage vows, to help them understand the nature and importance of marriage.
  • 51 MARRIAGE PARTNERS Students consider the importance of marriage for family life and bringing up children.
  • 53 BEING A PARENT Considering the role and responsibilities of a parent, the qualities of good parenting and its value to family life.
  • 55 WOULD YOU BE A GOOD PARENT? Looking in detail at the role and responsibilities of a parent; the qualities of good parenting and its value to family life.
  • 57 WHEN IT ALL GOES WRONG Students consider the impact of separation, divorce and bereavement on families.
  • 59 WHERE CAN I GET HELP? This page directs students to the statutory and voluntary organisations that support relationships in crisis.
  • 61 WORKING RELATIONSHIPS Students are taught the need to develop working relationships with a range of adults, including people they meet during work experience, personal guidance and community activities.


  • 66 APPENDIX 1: FRIENDSHIP QUIZ For use with page 13.
  • 68 APPENDIX 3: MARRIAGE QUESTIONNAIRE For use with page 49.
  • 69 APPENDIX 4: PARENTING SKILLS QUIZ For use with page 55.
  • 70 APPENDIX 5: SUPPORT ORGANISATIONS For use with page 59.
  • 71 APPENDIX 6: WORDS OF WELCOME For use with page 35.



I was looking for resources to use as cover lessons. Unfortunately the sheets I saw would cause abuse and lots of problems if used as a cover lesson as it encourages students to stereotype in a way which would cause offence and conflict between students without a trained teacher in the room. I was very disappointed with the resource- it was dated and did not explore stereotyping in the way I was looking for.
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at n/a

Good for non-specialist cover lesson.
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Name and school withheld.

Excellent resource for I.L.S., Citizenship and PHSE: a never-ending resource of ready made lessons! Very well thought-out and imaginative lessons and worksheets covering a whole gamut of cultural, stereotyping and relationship matters. Lesson material can date but not this! Despite the 2001 update, everything is certainly relevant to today's issues. Well worth the price!
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