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Basic Citizenship KS4: Empowerment and Advocacy

Price: £25.00
Age Range: KS4

Empower your students with worksheets which improve confidence and communication, develop imagination, introduce analysis techniques, and encourage positive change. Particularly helpful for students with learning difficulties.

Topics include: Personal qualities and values; Rules; Social change; Trustworthiness; Crime; When and how to say no; The environment; Animal rights; Childrens rights; The elderly; Role models; Faith; Work experience; Discrimination; UK political system; Listening skills.

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Size: 66 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 391 1
Author(s): Angela Walker
Code: BCKE
Popularity rank: 333

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Contents List


  • 7 PERSONAL QUALITIES Students explore their own personal qualities and values, and those of their friends.
  • 9 MY FAMILY Students explore their family life, and make a family tree.
  • 11 RULES! RULES! RULES! This page looks at the costs and benefits of having rules.
  • 13 PAST AND PRESENT Students are encouraged to think about social changes over the last 50 years.
  • 15 LOYALTY AMONG FRIENDS Looks at the nature of friendships and how they change.
  • 17 DO YOU WANNA BE IN MY GANG? Investigates the nature of gangs and encourages positive alternatives.
  • 19 CAN YOU BE TRUSTED? Looks at trustworthiness. Asks students what they would do in different situations.
  • 21 VANDALISM Centres on a police visit aimed at reducing vandalism.
  • 23 POLICE AND THE PUBLIC Looks into causes of crime and encourages a positive attitude towards the law.
  • 25 KEEPING SAFE Poses dangerous situations. Aims to help students know when and how to say 'No'.
  • 27 SPEAK, BE HEARD AND COMMUNICATE A paired exercise to encourage communication skills, especially listening.
  • 29 AGENDA 21 Students design a poster to develop environmental awareness.
  • 31 BITE BACK, BE HEALTHY Students look at the benefits of healthy diet and exercise.
  • 33 ANIMAL RIGHTS Encourages students to think about cruelty to animals and about animal rights.
  • 35 PETS IN THE FAMILY Looks at the benefits and responsibilities of pet ownership. Focuses on a guest speaker.
  • 37 CHANGING TIMES Encourages students to think of lifestyle change as normal and inevitable.
  • 39CHILDREN'S RIGHTS Students create a display to help them think about the nature of children's rights.
  • 41 IN THE NEWS An exercise in group co-operation and planning. Students design and produce a newsletter.
  • 43 RESPECT FOR THE ELDERLY Discourages negative stereotyping of the elderly and examines what they have to offer.
  • 45 ROLE MODELS Focuses on a news story about 'runaways' to investigate the influence of role models.
  • 47 FAITH Students consider the importance of faith, devising rules for a new religion.
  • 49 EXPERIENCE WORK This page prepares students for work experience.
  • 51 DISCRIMINATION IN THE WORKPLACE Roleplay scenarios help students to consider why discrimination at work is wrong, and how to deal with it.
  • 53 POLITICS Gives basic information on the UK political system and makes students think about the process of legislation.
  • 55 WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK? Students design, plan and conduct a survey.
  • 57 MEN AND WOMEN Looks at the pros and cons of changing gender roles.
  • 59 ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE Encourages students to think of possible changes to the school, and to justify them.
  • 61 REFLECTIONS A concluding lesson in which students reflect on what they have learned and how they have changed.


  • 62 (1) FLASHCARD WORDS For use with PERSONAL QUALITIES, page 7.
  • 63 (2) WHO DOES WHAT? For use with MY FAMILY, page 9.
  • 64 (3) DANGEROUS SITUATIONS For use with KEEPING SAFE, page 25.
  • 65 (4) ANIMALS For use with ANIMAL RIGHTS, page 33.
  • 66 (5) AM I? For use with EXPERIENCE WORK, page 49.
  • 67 (6) QUESTIONNAIRE For use with REFLECTIONS, page 61.