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Alternatives to Employment

Price: £35.00
Age Range: KS4

It is increasingly likely that people will be unemployed at some point in their working lives. This pack ensures that students are able to re-skill and adopt new approaches in the event of unemployment. Activities explore strategies such as building a portfolio of part time work and learning transferable skills.

Topics include: Desirable employment; Prioritising; Establishing a daily routine; Finance; Planning and achieving long term goals; Recording achievements.

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Size: 74 Pages
ISBN: 978 1 86025 223 5
Author(s): Sian Piercy
Code: ALTE
Popularity rank: 258
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Contents List


  • 11 TOP JOBS Questioning preconceived ideas about different forms of employment.
  • 13 READ THE SMALL PRINT Taking a broader view of employment than just pay alone.
  • 15 LIFE SKILLS Transferring the skills acquired at school to the adult world.
  • 17 LIVING TO WORK...? Analysing the range of activities that comprise a daily routine.
  • 19 A PROPER JOB? Challenging conventional views of employment.
  • 21 MORE WAYS THAN ONE... How periods of unemployment can provide valuable life experiences and act as preparation for later employment.
  • 23 THE WIDER PICTURE How some aspects of a job can affect other areas of life.
  • 25 IS MONEY EVERYTHING? Identifying what factors, besides money, should be considered when applying for work.


  • 31 ALTERNATIVES Considering alternatives to full-time employment.
  • 33 MIX AND MATCH The acquisition of skills through forms of unpaid work.
  • 35 THE RIGHT BALANCE Discussing different lifestyles and students' own aspirations.
  • 37 LEARN THE LANGUAGE Introducing different types of non-conventional employment.
  • 39 PRIORITISE! Developing organisational skills.
  • 41 HOLIDAY PLAN Developing time-management skills.
  • 43 CASH FLOW! Planning a household budget.
  • 45 HELP IS AT HAND Identifying sources of help during periods of unemployment.


  • 51 SPOT THE STEREOTYPE Challenging stereotyped images of unemployed people.
  • 53 AND WHAT DO YOU DO? Counteracting negative attitudes towards unemployment.
  • 55 BUDGET CHALLENGE Identifying activities available to young people on a low budget.
  • 57 A SPECIAL EVENT Advertising an event that targets young people on a low budget.
  • 59 FEELING DOWN? Devising strategies to counteract feelings of depression.
  • 61 PLEASE HELP Producing an action plan for a young person unable to find full-time work.


  • 67 I'M DOING FINE Focusing on personal achievements to raise self-esteem.
  • 69 CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN Using interim targets to achieve long-term goals.
  • 71 MY MOTIVATOR Planning a reward system to help achieve personal goals.
  • 73 WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Devising strategies to deal with pressures arising from other people's expectations.
  • 75 THE HOME FRONT Looking at the skills acquired in the home.
  • 77 THE SILVER LINING Coping with, and drawing positive aspects from, bad experiences.
  • 79 GET A LIFE Examining self-image and personal qualities.
  • 81 THE TRUE STORY Students are invited to make positive statements about themselves.



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