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Valentine's Day

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Age Range: 11-16

Valentine Trivia Quizzes
In three levels of difficulty. Here are the previews:

When I tried the Fiendish level, I only scored 35%! Admittedly that was before Mike, the author, pointed me to the teachers' notes. You can show the quizzes to students straight from this email, but if you want them marked by the system you need to sign up to Yacapaca.

Valentine Mythology Quiz
Designed to give students practise in online research, and an introduction into the pantheon of Greek, Roman and Hindu gods and goddesses. Students get their research instructions when you assign the quiz via Yacapaca.

Valentine Online Survey
A tongue-in-cheek resource that's a great way of starting a debate about relationship ethics. Students answer 12 questions about their attitudes to relationships. The system collates them and you can then show the whole-class results on the whiteboard. Do read the teachers' notes first, because even at this light'n'lively level there are sensitivities to be aware of. It's not a resource for every class, nor for every teacher. Here's the preview, but to get the good bit, which is the analysis, you really do have to register your students onto the system. Fortunately, that only takes 5 minutes.

Sex-education resources online
Now might be a good time to remind students of the possible consequences of going too far. In Yacapaca's PSHE section there's a very scary test on STIs, and a thought-provoking survey based on sex and relationship scenarios Preview these carefully before using them, please, because they are altogether more serious in intent than the Valentine fun stuff.

These assessments are run through Yacapaca, which may charge a subscription fee based on your overall level of usage

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