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Grammar: Soundalikes

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Age Range: KS2, KS3, KS4, SEN, Adult Learners

Suitable for use from Year 5 through to adult learners, assessments cover common misuse of words which sound or look similar. Students are required both to type the correct word and to recognise it in a passage of text.


    These assessments are run through Yacapaca, which may charge a subscription fee based on your overall level of usage

  • Features List

    • Tests cover common misconceptions and misuse by word class
    • Different question types cater for different learning styles
    • Instant marking for both teacher and student
    • Formative feedback after each question
    • Quick and easy results analysis - enabling you to focus your teaching on the weak areas of just a single student or the whole class.
    • Available at any time on the Web

    Assessments comprise:

    • A diagnostic general assessment designed to identify weakness and help you to assign subsequent specific tests
    • Were/Where/We're
    • There/Their/They're
    • Your/You're
    • To/Too/Two
    • Then/Than
    • Off/Of
    • Accept/Except
    • Loose/Lose
    • Hear/Here

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David Terron at Elgin Academy

Being able to SEE which kids are going wrong and which words cause them difficulties is in itself a great time-saver and provides excellent data for formative assessment and future lesson planning, as well as easily having access to highlighted and downloadable data which forms the basis of the levels I discuss in my reports to parents.
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